Beef Sales

At Idaho Livestock & Cattle, we produce and sell naturally raised beef throughout the year. Many people ask why should they buy beef from ILC, and how is our beef different from the beef you can buy in the store? The difference comes down to the care and quality of our cattle. Our American Aberdeens produce high quality carcasses, at a young age. The smaller carcass size allows for portion control, with uniform shape and size of the retail beef cuts. Beef from ILC is raised locally on our beautiful ranch in Hayden. Our cattle are raised on a completely natural diet – meaning we never use hormones, antibiotics or steroids. The majority of our customers become repeat customers, who won’t buy beef anywhere else after experiencing ILC Beef!

How to Purchase Idaho Livestock & Cattle Beef?

Beef is available all year long, just give us a call. We also sell our beef every Saturday at the Kootenai County Farmers’ Market during the months of May through October where we sell individual retail cuts. We also have beef wholes, halves, or quarters available that can be ordered. Please contact us if you are interested in ordering ILC Beef, you won’t be disappointed!